About Us

Residential and Commercial Excellence

Created by our commitment to excellence, our mission statement serves as a guideline for our decision making processes.   By holding a problem up to our core values and beliefs, the solution to any given situation often becomes obvious to Premier management

Our Core Values

At Premier Construction Company, we enjoy the opportunity to be of service to our clients.  We understand by providing a memorable experience to our customers, we will have a bright future together.  In the process, we will continue to build relationships that will last a lifetime.  In exchange for providing a great experience and service to our clients, we look forward to achieving financial success on both an individual and corporate level.
We will strive to be fair in all our dealings.  Premier Construction Company will ensure both parties are in agreement as to what will be included in the project.  We will be sure to understand your desires and that our intent is understood and we will do what is required to ensure total customer satisfaction.

Our Philosphy

Our mission statement and core values best express the philosophy of Premier Construction Company.  From our first meeting together until long after you have settled in, we will work with you to design and complete the project that meets your needs, satisfies your desires and exceeds your expectations.  Designing and building your dream project is a journey.  It begins with daydreams and picks up pace as your ideas take shape.